Narasimha (19th Century)

“Vishnu in the guise of the man-lion (Narasimha) emerges from a pillar of the palace to defeat the demon Hiranyakashipu. To his right is a young man, the Prince Prahlada.” – Image Description.

There is no creator linked to this piece. It was made between 1825 to 1875. Also, that is more like a rabbit than a lion? Either way, cool imagery!

Image from the Rijksmuseum, under Public Domain License.

With Love, TeeTee Ella

Truth is The Daughter of Time (16th Century)

“Father Time, with hourglass and wings, flies to the sun with the personification of Truth (Veritas) on his shoulders. On the ground lies the defeated Envy (Invidia). Time always brings the truth to light. The print has a Latin caption.” – Image Description.

The piece was designed by Jan Van der Straet, published by Philips Galle, and the printmaker was Jan Collaerrt II.

Image is from the Rijksmuseum under Public Domain License.

With Love, TeeTee Ella

Pond Turtle Eye

This image is by Macroscopic Solutions.

“Photomacrograph of an eye from a pond turtle (Emydidae). Emydidae are a family of hard-shelled turtles. Pond turtles are aquatic, have relatively flat shells and mostly live in fresh water. Turtles are thought to have eyesight as good as humans, with aquatic species being able to see very well underwater. Width of image is 1 cm.” – Description.

Image is from Wellcome Collection and is under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

With Love, TeeTee Ella