Welcome! My name is TeeTee Ella, and I’ll be curating some sweet odd stuff for you. Topics range from ‘Whimsical Hogwash’ to ‘What the Fuckety Fuck’.

I’m a human(as far as you know), so I make mistakes. Grammar, spelling, jokes – it can be shit. My bad.

I create sometimes, but I’m happy researching and collecting content! There are already plenty of cool creations and creators out there. I’d rather showcase their awesome work!

Other Sites

Over time I have had various sites. The most meaningful one was TheLeery.com. It was a site for darker content, and I managed to get up to 1,000 posts!! However, I wanted to expand to include more topics and make a site that is more ‘me’. Therefore, slowly TheLeery.com‘s posts will be moved to CuriousRascal.com.