Diving Inventions From The 1830s

These are a series of illustrations from patent applications by the Møller brothers.

The wide-bottomed and dress-like suit was supposed to be better suited for muddy sea beds. The bottom of the suit had a roller for easy movement. The hexagonal wheel was to be used by the diver to move forward and backward. The boat hook was for grabbing and holding interesting objects or pushing others aside. Source.

This suit, the Møller brothers said, could be made from both leather and natural rubber. To protect the head and upper body against the pressure of the water, the helmet and cuirass(breastplate and backplate) had to be made of copper or other metal. The suit and cuirass were held together with screws. Source.

This illustration depicts all the possible positions a diver could be in. Very comical looking. Source.

Møller brothers. Diving Inventions, 1830s. Danish National Archives(Rigsarkivet), CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.