Monsters and Horns

The artist is Arent Van Bolten. He has a thing for drawing grotesque creatures.

According to the British Museum, Bolten was a Dutch artist that lived from 1573 to 1633. [1] He is sometimes called “Arent Van Zwolle” by archives, due to the fact he is from Zwolle – a city in the Netherlands.

The only other person who is linked to this print is the publisher Pierre Firens. Since the initials on the art are “N.G.”, not fitting of Firens or Bolten, it is most likely the printmaker’s mark. Besides for their origin being Paris, nothing else is known about the printer.

Arent Van Bolten. Women and Male monster, 1604 – 1616. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain License.

[1] “Arent Van Bolten” information page from the British Museum.