Odd Imagery

Vintage X-rays (1917)

It is phenomenal that these were taken in the early 1900s! A blast from the past and a view into the human arterial system. Possibly macabre and certainly curious.

Check out the source for larger versions of the images.


There are a few names associated with the images. Using the date of the photos, the topic, and names – I tried to find out who these people could be and any other information. Here are my best assumptions:

  • Otto Hildebrand: There was a German pathologist and surgeon whom lived from 1858 to 1927 named Otto Hildebrand. Here is his short but available Wikipedia page.
  • Julius Menno Wieting Pascha: Julius was easy to find, and he is also a German surgeon. Best of all, he has listed under his ‘Works’ section – “Collection of stereoscopic X-ray images from the New General Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf”. An Otto Hildebrand and Wilhelm Scholz worked with Julius. Here is his Wikipedia page.
  • Wihelm Scholz: Sadly, I could not find more information on Scholz. However, since he is listed as a person who worked on the X-ray images with the previous two men, he was most likely a medical professional. Otherwise, I would assume he is the subject of one of the X-rays.
  • Joseph Friedrich Bergmann: This one was the easiest since the source, Rijksmuseum, listed his title – Publisher. He was a German publisher who focused on medical literature. He has a German Wikipedia page.

Images are from Rijksmuseum, Public Domain License.