Traveling Cats (1903)

“..proving themselves to be the most wonderful and agreeable little traveling companions imaginable.” – Arnold Landor.

The man depicted is Arnold Henry Savage Landor. He was an explorer with a knack for writing and painting.

In 1901 he traveled from Russia to India, riding on horseback through Persia, publishing the account of that journey in the book Across Coveted Lands (1902). During this adventure he found Kerman(left) and Zeris(right).

They were spoiled with love, an endless supply of raw meat, and adventures! Arnold was very adamant about cats not being put on a vegetarian diet. He considered it inhumane. Kerman and Zeris certainly agreed. hehe

After the long expedition the three made it safely home to London. I wonder if the cats missed the open road?

The image and some of the information is from the book Across Coveted Lands(1903 version), found via the Internet Archive. Both are in the public domain. The rest of the information is from Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0).