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Vaute (1867) Survivor of A Cannonball to the Face

His name was Vaute. He was struck by a cannon-ball at the siege of Alexandria, in 1800. The shoot carried away the greater part of his face, including 3/4 of the lower jaw, and part of the tongue.

The man was initially thought to be dead. However, he was very much alive! He lived for another 20 years!

He would drool down his face constantly, so he stuffed the hole with linen daily. Over the linen he wore a mask to hide the disfigure. Sadly, in 1821 he took his own life. ?

This image and information is from the book “Injuries and Diseases of the Jaws”(page 73) a 1867 book by Christopher Heath. The book is free to read online and download at Book and image have no known copyright restrictions.