Odd Imagery

Thompson’s Revolver Camera (1862)

“True to its name, the Revolver Camera took the form of a handgun. However, instead of bullets, the brass cylinder that formed the body of the camera held a circular glass plate. After each exposure the back of this cylinder was rotated through ninety degrees. In this way, four successive ‘shots’ could be taken before having to reload. The wooden pistol grip allowed the camera to be held steady with one hand, leaving the other free to operate the controls.

Novel and ingenious as it was, Thompson’s camera was not a commercial success. The exact number made is not known but serial numbers on surviving examples would suggest that fewer than one hundred were produced.” – Source

Science Museum Group. Thompson’s Revolver Camera. 1991-5101. Science Museum Group Collection Online. Accessed August 9, 2021. Descriptions and all other text content are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence