Mary’s Punishment (1904)

Mary was constantly in fornication during her lifetime. In addition(more importantly), she murdered all her babies by drowning them after birth. 

A Bishop(behind the rock) is having a terrible vision. The vision of Mary’s punishment in hell. If only she had confessed her sins, smh. Yes, she could have got away with it if it wasn’t for those rascal kids… uh I mean unused religious loopholes.

The serpent sucks for the destruction of children, and for the ‘residual of careless lust’. She must carry a fiery vessel in her hands and a red-hot frying pan on her head – for eternity. 

Ironically bad-ass, she gets to ride a chariot drawn by two dragons!? Those don’t look like dragons, but that is what the source said.

Kalikina, Sophia. Maiden Mary, 1904. Kalikins & Wikimedia, public domain license. Information is from the source.